Ever wanted to get as many Instagram followers as you want? Seeing everyone else celebrating their followers? You always wondered where they came from?

Welcome to! It is our pleasure to announce that we are going to be giving away free followers for Instagram. In the last few years we have been selling followers to thousands of customers. As of the latest update to Instagram, we are no longer able to make a profit from selling our services. As a result, we have thousands of accounts sitting on our server - wasting resources. We have decided to give away the remainder of our follower accounts for FREE. We will not be creating any more accounts so we can only supply the first 3500 people to request some free followers.

Each user is allowed ONE order per Instagram account. This is not a scam of any sort. We will not ask for any credit card details or ask you to complete any surveys like on the other websites. Just login, grab your free followers and enjoy a little bit of free fame.

Have a wonderful day and thank you to all of our past customers for the continuous support! We truly are blessed to have stayed in business as long as we did. :)

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